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On the subject of the ink painting trainings

"The discovery of a new mode of expression"
Mathilde L. Bourges

"A successful course, a warm atmosphere mixed with real work of patience mixed with many surprising discoveries"
Nathalie et Thierry L. Rennes

"Thank you for letting me discover this art that I feel is really comes from the centre of the artiste."
Suzanne R. Roanne

"Just enough to wet an appetite. But what an appetite! And a better view."
Denis B. Photographer. Aix en Provence

"A real liberation for the gesture and the spirit"
Christine L. Toulon

"Except for a certain nervousness when I couldn't realise my sunset, I finish the course in peace with a desire to continue."
 Elisabeth T. Strasbourg

"Before the course ; curious. During : the course enchanted. Now the course has reached an end I'm impatient to find courses and continue"
Sébastien. Luxembourg

"I received the spirit of sumi-e like a present, an echo of my own personal research for a long-time now"
Marie José. Annecy

"I experienced that the brush is the real instrument of a interior experience" 
Raymonde T. Gap

On the subject of the First International Meeting of
 Indian ink painting
july 2006 in Savoie

"A real pleasure. You have opened the door of a world that we never new existed. We leave happy and Richer for the experience."
 Michel et Cécile P.  Bloye

"I have been resourced by the beauty and authenticity thanks to these artists. I am not a painter, just a poet and very much in love with that oriental art."
 Chantal R.  Chambéry

"Three days out of time, filled with magic, lightness and the discovery and humility at the distance still to go at the point of the brush."
Sophie L.  Toulon

"I almost felt on the path of wisdom."
 Michèle T.  Cannes

"Unexpected discoveries where the universe and the ephemeral become essentiel."
Danielle C.

"I won't forget several fundamental notions which will help me in my daily life : lots of patience, extreme concentration, open heart, respect for diversity"
Isabelle S.  Paris

"A unique path, the one of the heart, can lead us to such real discoveries"
Patrick P. Chaumont

"Thanks for sharing these parcels of the world's spirit. One more step the towards the centre 44"
Noëlle C. Bruxelles



VISITORS' BOOK Comments Visitors' book
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