EXHIBITIONS February 2019 February 2019
  February 2019  


Exhibition of Robert FAURE




and  four of his students
recently gratuated from the
International Academy of ink Painting


Castle of Sollies-Pont (Var)
from 2nd to 25th february 2019

Founder of the International Academy of ink Painting , Teacher and Painter Artist, Robert Faure exhibits 20 pieces of his works and 4 of his ceramics made in Jingdezhen in China.

In this context, Robert Faure invites four of his recently graduated students. After several years of preparation and four years of study and intensive practice of ink painting, Mireille Amar, Françoise Lesage, Martine Thibaud and Jerome Edou will take part in this exhibition at the Castle of Sollies-Pont, entitled :


The exhibition will take place at the Castle of Sollies-Pont
from 2nd to 25th february.

From 10am to 12am & 2pm to 5pm
saturday and sunday from 10am to 5pm

The opening will take place on monday, february 4th at 6.00pm


The exhibitors will be present at the following dates :
Jérôme Edou               from 3rd to 8 february
Françoise Lesage        from 3rd to 8 february
Mireille Amar                from 8th to 13th february
Robert Faure               from 13th to 17th february + 25th february
Martine Thibaud          from 20th to 25th february

EXHIBITIONS February 2019 February 2019
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