Dragon school art zen
Dragon school art zen



The teachers

Art zen the teatchers Robert FAURE from a very young age has been interested in oriental civilisations.

With an education in science and philosophy, he founded the Centre for Studies in Traditional Wisdom in 1970 which he directed for twenty years. He has taught Yoga and divers Indian philosophies during intercultural seminars confronting Christian, Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

It was during one of these conferences in 1980 that he met a master calligrapher and painter who was to become his first teacher of T'chan painting. He is fascinated by his dexterity, the justice of his regard and the force of his movement. It is the starting point for the practise and the exploration of that art. After a long period of personal research, he regularly refines his art in China

From 1987, he animates classes and workshops in France and Europe. His teaching is defined as both traditional and adapted to the needs of westerners in today's society. In Mai 2004 his book "l'esprit du geste" "Spirit of Movement" is published by Du Chene Editions.

Christiane Faure the school of the dragon Christiane Faure

Attracted early on by sobriety and peace emanating from certain oriental painting, she discovered the practise of that art with her husband.

She has been studying painting since 1990 and teaches for some years now.

Fascinated by that art form she accompanies the novices in the first stages of their apprenticeship in painting with Chinese ink.

Her teaching approach draws from her experiences, practising improvised dancing, yoga, meditation and her professional experience as a life coach and educator of the Institute Devenir (Become Institute) which she created in 2004, after a 25 year carrier in business. 

Robert and Christiane Faure

Robert and Christiane Faure
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